Shop Talk


I have now opened up an online shop. You can buy the very first issue of Obscurum: An Occult Anthology in there and I have also put the new issue up as “coming soon” whilst I wait for it to be printed. If you are interested in reserving a copy then please do contact me.

You can now click on the shop link in the menu above to find out more about the new chapbook and who got involved.

New Title Coming Soon. Obscurum: The Death Issue

New Title Coming Soon. Obscurum: The Death Issue

The first Obscurum chapbook was published back in 2012. I gave it a theme; the occult issue. The response was amazing and the feedback was genuinely mind-blowing. I knew I wanted to put together another one.

Overdue, I know – I decided to publish the second issue during the Summer of 2017. It was to be themed again, this time it was all about death. It is now June and I have a draft copy of it on my desk in front me, it is ready to be proofed and sent to print. A more precise date will be issued in the coming weeks.