13 Moons: Journal of a Natural Witch by Fiona Walker-Craven


As a lone practitioner of magic or a scholar of the subject in traditional witchcraft you will find this book a useful tool. Within these pages Fiona Walker-Craven has captured a full year in order to help those understand the seasons and what they mean to a witch.

13 Moons is a workbook as it takes you through each month and the corresponding moon. It includes anecdotes from the author plus charms to try. What is most important here is that the author encourages the reader to use their own instincts and intuition which is the absolute foundation to witchcraft.

This tome is a great read and can help someone who is new to the craft grasp what British Witchcraft involves plus it can help those already practising fine tune their skills.

It must be mentioned at this point that the book is rather rare but a regular trawl of the internet or your local bookshop will throw copies up now and then.

Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: Ignotus Press (30 Jun. 2002)
Language: English

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