Natural Magic by Doreen Valiente

Natural Magic - Doreen Valiente

Natural Magic is a fantastic book. Written in a very accessible and personable manner, it teaches the witch about what magic truly is. This particular book resonates with me mainly because I believe magic resides inside us and what we use are extensions or tools to this. Doreen Valiente makes this point in Natural Magic, she is teaching us that we need to look around us because magic lives all around us too. From chapters about amulets, herbs, numbers, weather, sex and a great deal of other things. It will certainly inspire you to step out into the big wide-open spaces we have and work with it in our craft.

Doreen Valiente, although heavily associated with Wicca, is a fantastic author that really pushes the idea of the natural side of witchcraft. Unfortunately, I find some Wicca books to be very ritual heavy often featuring pictures of people performing spells in their living room – this doesn’t resonate with me as much as seeing the lone witch making magic in a woodland. This is why Doreen is a true inspiration to newcomers in the craft and those who have practiced for a long time.

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