Sabat Magazine

The Maiden Issue

Sabat Magazine; the word magazine is a little bit of an understatement. It is a very heavy and packed volume that looks and feels more like a high-class coffee table book. It helps to fuse the subjects of feminism and witchcraft quite nicely and is absolutely jam packed with thought provoking interviews, features, photography and art.

The idea came from a zine and realising that the witchcraft community was very strong online, especially Instagram, creative director Elisabeth Krohn has been part of an amazing team to create something very special. What caught my eye is the boldness of the text and the imagery, it is all very contemporary, all very “now”. It is fusing the old with the new and works in ways that I didn’t think could be achieved. It will help appeal to a young audience, a hip audience and an audience that will undoubtedly start to identify the witch within them.

Faerie Magazine

Faerie Magazine is a rare creature. It combines intelligent features with some of the most beautiful photography. Far from the realms of silly subculture fashion it brings in every element of beauty and magic in the form of history, home décor, recipes, poetry and fiction. A publication you can certainly lose yourself in, its content imagery is something you can hear, smell and touch; it’s fabulous.

The idea of a magazine dedicated to the faerie culture may sound rather odd and far too whimsical for this cynical world but alas; they have hit on something here. The magazine brings about the oldie worldie, the traditional and the free spirit that can be found in all of us, if we let it. Quietly coaxing out your inner magic; we all have it in there. Whether you want to put on a Victorian tea party, require fashion advice from Oscar Wilde, glimpse into magical homes or learn how to make beautiful jewellery; Faerie Magazine is your bible.

Both printed and digital copies are available here

The Ghastling


This wonderful magazine is packed to the brim with the most ghoulish of tales. If short stories from contemporary writers is to your taste then this is the magazine to get.

It is produced twice a year and is wonderfully printed. It is packed full of thought provoking imagery that compliments the literature that lurks inside. It is edited by Rebecca Parfitt who is based in Cardiff, she has been in the publishing arena for nine years and has brought her experience to The Ghastling.

The Ghastling brings together the morbid and the macabre in many ways. Creepy tales read like the penny dreadfuls of the past. The Ghastling brings fresh blood into the veins of the horror genre.

You can visit the website here to purchase copies.