Glengettie Tea


I have to say this before I go on with my review but…I am not biased when it comes to this tea. Yes, it is Welsh and yes I am Welsh but I had never heard of it before (shame on me, I know). I was told by my Mother that this tea, many years ago, was considered to be of a very high class of tea or for “the posh people”. After seeing it on the shelf of my local supermarket I needed to try it, it has been around since 1952 afterall. Talk about late to the party…

It is a delicious black tea that has become on of my favourites. It’s funny because usually they sell it in Wales but for some reason my local shop has it – is there a Welsh take over in England?

The tea itself is a full bodied black tea, it is rather strong but it is a really lovely wake me up tea and it has taken over my usual morning brew. I have to have a cup of black tea as soon as I wake up and this has been by my side for a little while now. The good news is that they seem to sell it under the Typhoo brand which means you can buy it online really easily. If you love your tea mellow tasting yet strong then order some of this – it is delicious.

Glengettie Tea Site// Typhoo Shop

Bluebird Tea Company’s Chocolate Digestives

Choc DigestivesTea and biscuits. Now there is a marriage made in heaven so it would have been foolish of me not to grab the new Spring blend from the Bluebird Tea Company. The experts in tea have never let me down so this was going to be exciting. So, I brewed a pot of Chocolate Digestives – it tastes exactly as it says on the tin.

The first thing that hits you is the gorgeous smell of chocolate, a sip of this reveals a lovely biscuity taste and that warm chocolatey goodness – I’m not sure how they do it but it is absolutely exquisite. I tried it with and without milk just to test it out and I did enjoy it both ways. A little drop of milk really brings out that chocolatey taste you get with a good biscuit.

Next to their festive Snowball blend, this is definitely one of my favourite teas. I think they are excellent at making teas for those of us with a sweet tooth. Go and order some right now.

Bluebird Tea Company’s Skinny Minny Tea

Skinny Minny Tea

Digestive disorders seem to be rather common these days. I am not into taking lots of tablets so teas and herbal remedies are my go to.

Having suffered from an unknown stomach disorder many years ago (which has thankfully gone – I believe it was stress related) I tried everything. What I found was that I was sitting all day in work and then all evening at my desk writing; sitting after you have eaten was not doing me any good and still doesn’t.

After discovering The Bluebird Tea Company’s Skinny Minny tea – I was in love. It contains Chinese pu’erh tea, Chinese oolong tea, ginger, orange, ginseng and fennel; a potent mix for those with bloating or IBS. Some medicinal teas I have made the past aren’t really something to sip with pleasure but this is a really lovely tasting tea that settles the stomach down pretty quickly; probably the best tea I have come across for digestive problems. It has a really lovely smell that is probably down to the mix of fennel and orange that also adds to how delicious it is.

I am really passionate about herbal tea and its medicinal uses so I really wanted to make you aware that this exists. Having this in the morning would be an excellent way of getting your metabolism going, I would also advise to keep it close by during the day so it can help kick that gut back into natural harmony.

You can buy it right here

Skinny Minny tEA box


The London Tea Company – Purple Tea

London Tea Company - Purple Tea

Being a visual person I do enjoy beautiful things and one of those involves tea. I love the cups and saucers, I agonise over the colour of  my black tea each morning and what I have discovered that I love more than anything is – the wonderful array of colours that comes from brewing a cuppa.

Purple tea. Now that sounds like a match made in heaven for someone like me who is tea obsessed and calls purple one of her favourite colours.

As soon as that water hits the bag it is like a Jimi Hendrix video, the swirls of purple and deep crimson create this amazing fragrance of Hibiscus. Tea with this particular flower in it is rather tart and has that almost bitter cranberry taste to it; this can be sweetened of course. It is very punchy so I think this would be a great tea for elevenses, to awaken those senses during a busy morning at work.

The London Tea Company have made quite a lovely tea here because you are not only getting the tastiness of the tea but the fragrance is lovely, hitting your senses all in one lovely cup of purple tea.

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