Creating Sacred Space

Sacred Space

I have lived in 15 different places. These have been houses, flats or single rooms. Over the past 16 years I have led an uprooted nomadic life simply because I was never satisfied with my surroundings, I never knew what I wanted. Despite this, I made sure that at every address I had my own little space to create; whether this be writing or just having time to well…just be. I have had a full room to myself, a corner of a living room, a bedroom, a spare room or as a child I would sneak down to the cellar.

Right now I am in my own home, a house with a garden (mini-fist pump). I am sat in what was a spare room staring out of the window and hearing the birds sing. It is pretty close to perfect. I see trees, I see the sky and the sun comes in here in the mornings. I have crystals, pictures, sticks and feathers lining the windowsill. Peacock feathers, dried flowers and postcards are strewn around my desk – it is an extension of my personality and this is so important to me not only creatively but as a person. Finding the importance of this space has set me on a mission to inspire you to create your own no matter what your situation is. I have created it in the tiniest of places and I have often thought it would be an impossible task but I did it. Lighting candles around your bathtub is a way of reconnecting with yourself; little things can make magical things happen.

I want to inspire you to create your own space without worrying how it looks or what significance that battery operated hula girl has…it is your space and I want to help you on a journey of discovering the art of being. I am not a guru or an expert, I just adore creating space that makes me feel happy and content with both myself and the world around me. I want to live a creative life and building this kind of space is vital for me to develop as an artist.