Oracle Cards


Welcome to Patchouli Tea’s guide to oracle cards. Here you will find reviews of some of my favourite packs. If you have never really dived into the world of the oracle cards then I have included a little introduction below. If you have any questions or you need some advice then please do get in contact with me.

What are oracle cards?

Many people use oracle cards as a way to help guide them or help others. You can pull cards first thing in the morning to see what sort of day you may have or if you have a dilemma you can call upon your cards to make sense of it all and try and look at a way of solving it. Each card usually has the meaning printed upon it or a symbol that is fairly obvious to the meaning of the card.

Oracle cards versus tarot cards

They are both tools employed by the reader but oracle cards are a little less structured than tarot cards. In a traditional tarot deck there are 78 cards that are broken down into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. The minor arcana contains suits, usually pentacles, swords, wands and cups.

Oracle cards usually come without any instructions or very little guidance because they are to be interpreted by the reader rather than follow any particular meaning other than what is stated on the card. Sometimes they are themed so you may come across packs that are very nature based or animal based. It is important to note that it is the reader that is important; the cards are there to guide and prompt. It isn’t the cards that hold power; it is you.

How do I know which one will suit me?

It is important to get the right cards. You may want to try tarot cards as well just to see which you feel happier with. Here are a few tips:

  • Do you feel a pull towards a tarot deck or an oracle deck? Explore them more. Read about them, buy some packs or chat to people online about them if you don’t feel comfortable talking to people in your area.
  • Find yourself a deck that feels good in your hands, does it give you the good energy you need to interpret them?
  • Buy yourself a deck that is beautiful and inspiring, this will trigger something in you that will make you enjoy reading and will spark some magic.

Oracle cards aren’t haunted, spooky or demonic. They are simply tools to help the reader interpret and work with their intuition whether it is for themselves or other people. There is nothing to be frightened of; it’s time to leave the spooks in the Hollywood films and bring back your wild nature you were born with.

Good luck with finding your perfect deck/s.